NodeMCU Widget

I've been playing around with the esp8266 for some time now and lately I've been thinking that I want something that will do a bunch of things all in one package.

It started with me wanting something simple to control my Hue lights around the house without having to have a phone nearby. a 50$ hue switch was just not going to happen. I figured an esp would work for that no problem and I could leave it in the living room for the roommates. Well I got some of that working and realized that a couple buttons was really undervaluing this little powerhouse. It needed a screen! Well if I had a screen then I might as well have navigation and a menuing system.

You all know where this is going.

This thing has been feature creep city but it's fun and I kinda like all the things that it will do. I'm hoping the ESP has enough heap space for all the things I want it to do but in the meantime here is what I've got planned out.

As you can see we've got inductive charging of a lipo, serial oled screen in a clear case, the esp itself, and for control, I thought of something devious. I'm going to run wires to the screws of the case and use capacitive touch on the screws themselves for menu navigation.

This is very much a work in progress but I'm hoping to log a few steps along the way and make the code available to everyone. Until next time here's a teaser.